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DCS1000-NX (Filling material:Large particle, Weigh at bottom)

DCS1000-NX (Filling material:Large particle, Weigh at bottom)

Short Description:

DCS1000-NX is mainly composed of belt/shake filler, frame, weighing platform, hanging bag device, bag clamping device, lifting platform, conveyor, electrical control system, pneumatic control system, etc.

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DCS1000-NX is mainly composed of belt/shake filler, frame, weighing platform, hanging bag device, bag clamping device, lifting platform, conveyor, electrical control system, pneumatic control system, etc. When the packaging system works, in addition to the manually place bag, the packaging process is automatically completed by the PLC program control, and the procedures of bag clamping, blanking, metering, loose bag, conveying, etc. are completed in turn; The packaging system has the characteristics of accurate counting, simple operation, low noise, less dust, compact structure, convenient installation, safety and reliability, and safe interlocking between the workstations.


Filler 1 Belt filler 2 Shake filler
Count Weigh on platform
Control system Functions such as automatic drop correction, error alarm and fault self-diagnosis, Equipped with a communication interface, easy to connect, network, can be the packaging process at all times monitored and networked management.
Scope of material:10mm-80mm lump materials
Scope of application:Chemical, pharmaceutical, feed, fertilizer, mineral powder, electric power, coal, metallurgy, cement, biological engineering, etc
Capacity 20-40bag/h
Accuracy ≤±0.2%
Size 500-2000Kg/bag
Power souce Customized
Pressure air 0.6-0.8MPa. 5-10 m3/h
Blowing rat 1000 -4000m3/h
Environment:Temp -10℃-50℃. Humidity<80%
Convey option 1. No 2. Chain conveyor 3. Chain roller conveyo 4. Trolley….
Protection 1. Explosion-proof 2. No explosion-proof
Dust elimination 1. Dust elimination 2. No
Material 1. Steel 2. stainless steel
Shake 1. Up and down(standard) 2. bottom shake

Structural features

1. Lifting weighing platform
The lifting platform is hung on the weighing platform through four 160X400 cylinders, and the pneumatic hook and the pneumatic bag holder are fixed on the lifting platform to lift together with the lifting platform. The lifting guide of the lifting platform is realized by the scissor guide mechanism. The lifting platform, the bag holder, the hook, the lifting cylinder and the scissor guiding mechanism are all fixed on the weighing platform as part of the scale body, and these components constitute the lifting weighing platform. The four cylinders are equipped with speed-adjusting gas pipe joints, which can adjust the running speed of each cylinder to adjust the synchronization of the four cylinders.
2. weighing platform
Four SB-1t high-precision sensors are arranged at the four corners of the platform. The integrated weighing platform is naturally seated on the four sensors, and four 160X400 cylinders are fixed above the platform to lift the lifting platform. The upper and lower parts of the weighing module are respectively provided with protective bolts. The upper bolts prevent the weighing module from being damaged by the pressure exceeding the rated load of the module, and the lower protective bolts can prevent the lifting platform from being displaced by the external force that pushes the platform upwards when the lifting platform descends. Inaccurate measurement. The upper part of the weighing module and the lower surface of the pressure-bearing steel plate connected to the module are milled to ensure the flatness, so that the whole scale body falls smoothly on the four weighing dies, so that the weighing module is evenly stressed
3. Using the lever principle
The hook is driven by a 40X60 cylinder to realize the switch. Because the hook is a pneumatic component that contacts the operator, considering the safety factor, the air inlet and outlet pipe joints of the cylinder are speed-adjusting joints, so that the switching speed of the hook can be adjusted, so that the switching speed of the hook is not too fast to cause personal injury to the operator. A single hook is designed to carry a load of 500 kg and four hooks have a load-carrying force of 2000 kg

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