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DCS1000-Z automatic packing machine(Hopper weighing)

DCS1000-Z automatic packing machine(Hopper weighing)

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DCS1000-Z is mainly composed of gravity filler, frame, weighing platform, hanging bag device, bag clamping device, lifting platform, conveyor, electrical control system, pneumatic control system, etc.

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DCS1000-Z is mainly composed of gravity filler, frame, weighing platform, hanging bag device, bag clamping device, lifting platform, conveyor, electrical control system, pneumatic control system, etc. When the packaging system works, in addition to the manually place bag, the packaging process is automatically completed by the PLC program control, and the procedures of bag clamping, blanking, metering, loose bag, conveying, etc. are completed in turn; The packaging system has the characteristics of accurate counting, simple operation, low noise, less dust, compact structure, convenient installation, safety and reliability, and safe interlocking between the workstations.


Filler Gravity filler
Count Net weight counting
Control system Functions such as automatic drop correction, error alarm and fault self-diagnosis, Equipped with a communication interface, easy to connect, network, can be the packaging process at all times monitored and networked management.
Scope of material:Particles with good fluidity;Powder
Scope of application:Chemical, pharmaceutical, feed, fertilizer, mineral powder, electric power, coal, metallurgy, cement, biological engineering, etc
Capacity 20-40bag/h
Accuracy ≤±0.2%
Size 500-2000Kg/bag
Power souce Customized
Pressure air 0.6-0.8MPa. 5-10 m3/h
Blowing rat 1000 -4000m3/h
Environment:Temp -10℃-50℃. Humidity<80%
Convey option 1. No 2. Chain conveyor 3. Chain roller conveyo 4. Trolley….
Protection 1. Explosion-proof 2. No explosion-proof
Dust elimination 1. Dust elimination 2. No
Material 1. Steel 2. stainless steel
Shake 1. Up and down(standard) 2. bottom shake

Technical features

1.The weighing bucket is used to directly weigh the material, and the measurement accuracy is high.
2.The weighing control display instrument adopts full-panel digital adjustment and parameter setting, which makes the operation process very simple. The instrument is equipped with a communication interface, which is convenient for online and networking, and can monitor and manage the weight from time to time.
3.The four cylinders with a cylinder diameter of 160mm that drive the lifting platform in the equipment consume the most air. According to the previous production and debugging experience, when the air volume is insufficient and the pressure is unstable, the lifting platform will be stuck during the lifting process. For this reason, the current equipment is divided into two paths when taking the air source. One path is dedicated to the solenoid valve of the lifting platform, so that the lifting platform can supply air independently and improve the stability of the air supply of the lifting cylinder; Air supply to the dust solenoid valve.
Considering safety factors, all solenoid valves use DC24V, and place the solenoid valves in an explosion-proof box alone. The electromagnetic valve explosion-proof box is placed on the support platform, so that the air source is close to the cylinder, avoiding the air pressure loss and fluctuation caused by the long trachea pipeline. The solenoid valve control line is led from the solenoid valve explosion-proof cabinet to the ground explosion-proof control cabinet.
4.The control principle of this ton bag packaging machine: the analog signal of the load cell is converted into the digital signal of the controller through the analog-to-digital converter, and the digital signal has a corresponding switch signal; PLC collects the real-time feedback switch signal through the logic program to clamp the bag. , hooks, platform lifting, feeding valves, drum bag dust removal and other actions are automatically completed according to the set logic to achieve quantitative filling of materials. After packaging, the control of the chain conveyor does not follow the weighing control process. The PLC and controller have 485 and Ethernet ports that conform to the Modbus communication protocol, which can be connected to the user's host computer or DCS system to realize remote data reading or control.

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